Six years ago, the birth of my first son changed everything for me. Even though I've been passionate about politics all my life, becoming a father really magnified the failure of leadership I was seeing all around me. I know it feels stereotypical, but embracing my responsibility to raise another human being, who would then need to navigate his way through society, really ignited a fire in me to get directly involved with making my district and state a better place. 

I'm one in a long, generational line of blue collar workers stemming from South Philadelphia that settled in South Jersey.  We're mostly Italian, mostly loud and we never shy away from an awkward or difficult conversation.  Though it's generally accepted that politics and religion should be avoided at the dinner table, especially when wine is involved, my family has always operated outside that norm.  Our heated debates and deep conversations constantly challenged me in my beliefs and I learned to never shy away from confrontation and be prepared to defend my positions.  My family taught me to fight hard for the things that I believe in and care about. 

And now I'm  prepared to fight for real freedom in New Jersey.  The birth of my children truly helped me realize I was put on this Earth for something more.  I want to give my children the greatest gift they could receive in a lifetime- the opportunity to live a life more free than my own and the chance to really plant their roots in a place that they love.  I want to help make New Jersey a state our children will be happy to live in and proud to call home, not just a place they will eventually leave behind like so many of our family members, friends and neighbors in our communities continue to do. 

When it's all said and done, I'm really just like you. I'm a hard working husband and father of two trying to get involved and fix what is incredibly broken in this state. Unlike these puppet politicians pumped with millions of dollars from rich donors and corporate interests, I am funded mostly by myself and the community around me. I'm not one of these career politicians with millions in my war chest. I'm just a local guy who believes in the people of this state. I know that we can work together to save New Jersey from skyrocketing taxes, exorbitant costs of living and the over-regulated, bloated state government which forces so many of us to eventually move out. 

To anyone out there who is sick of watching the two party system destroy New Jersey, I'm ready to put in the work and build this state back from the grassroots up. 

We are real people and we want real freedom.

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"I want to help make New Jersey a state our children will be happy to live in and proud to call home..."