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Dear Legislator,

It's been almost 2 years of mask wearing for kids, and we are at the highest rate of infection. Currently, New Jersey is eight times the peak in the number of infections compared to 2020. It is crystal clear that masks have failed.


Children are still at a near zero risk of death from COVID-19.  Meanwhile, the harsh pandemic procedures implemented in schools are contributing to developmental, emotional, and educational delays.  These burdensome regulations are contributing to the “Youth Mental Health Pandemic,” which is increasing the rate of suicide in our children.  We need to end this now.  It is time to get back to normal and allow parents to decide how to best strategize and mitigate the risks of COVID-19 for our children.


I assure you we are not going to stand for this any longer.  Never have parents been as politically mobilized as we are right now.  This will continue until this mess is cleaned up, and our children can go back to leading normal and healthy lives.  These unscientific, unfair, and harsh COVID-19 protocols are destroying our children's mental health, education, and childhoods. Please do the right thing for our most precious and vulnerable population– speak out against mask mandates!


Governor Murphy has lost his sensibility and has declared war on our children.  He’s threatening to keep them masked indefinitely.  Murphy completely mocked the legislature’s power by declaring himself king and ignoring the other two branches of government.  We can’t have the governor continue to declare a state of emergency every month to extend the suffering of our children.  He kept us locked down too long in 2020, and there must not be a repeat of this maniacal power in 2022.  


Phil Murphy has already destroyed New Jersey small businesses, please stop him from destroying our children.  Please vote to limit the executive branch’s emergency order by requiring a legislative vote at the end of two weeks to keep this power in check.  


We cannot trust the governor anymore, and he does not follow science.




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