"The rights of an individual should be the primary object of all governments." -Mercy Otis Warren


As the former president of the non-profit organization Garden State 2A Grassroots Organization (formally New Jersey 2A Sanctuary), Nick is a staunch supporter of the 2nd Amendment. Nick believes that no one has the right to tell you, a citizen and sovereign being, how to protect yourself, your family and your property.


For Nick, the 2nd Amendment is clear: "Shall not be infringed.” Any and all gun control laws are unconstitutional.  Nick also does not forget the racist origins of gun control, as the first laws were passed to disarm slaves, freedmen, and African-Americans.  All gun control stems from institutional racism.  In addition, rising prices in permits and complicated permitting processes leave many low income individuals without a means to protect themselves.  


Additionally, gun laws inherently harm women. According to RAINN, one out of every six women in the US is a victim of sexual assault.  Firearms can help protect women and deter predators in dangerous situations. The existing complicated and arduous permitting process for firearms puts more women at risk. This, combined with a ridiculous standard for a “justifiable need” clause when it comes to concealed carry permits, makes NJ one of the worst states for women in terms of protection in the US. Gun rights are women’s rights. Simply put, each of us should be fighting for constitutional carry in NJ—nothing less.


How Governor Murphy has handled our "legalized" cannabis is a travesty.  The state of NJ has consistently shown irresponsible spending of our ever-increasing tax dollars and the amendment passed in November of 2020 is proof.  Vague standards and guidelines filled with empty promises that still today hasn't legalized cannabis in the slightest.  You can't legally consume cannabis and you will still be arrested for carrying it.  People with low-level, non-violent cannabis related offenses are still incarcerated and clogging our justice system today.


Nick believes that cannabis consumption in NJ should be completely decriminalized. It should not be left up to corrupt advisory boards to figure out how to steal money from us more effectively.  In NJ, it should be legal to consume, grow, and carry this plant without penalty or tax. 


Nick also believes that NJ should start moving in the direction Oregon has by decriminalizing small amounts of illicit drugs.  The saved money from a decrease in drug enforcement can then be given back to the taxpayer or used to help facilitate healthy recovery from addiction.


Defend the Guard is an attempt to reign in the Federal government and force constitutional adherence.  Deploying the National Guard overseas in foreign entanglement is a direct violation of the Constitution according to Article 1, Section 8, Clause 15.  Which delegates to Congress the power to provide for “calling forth the militia in 3 situations only; 1. To execute the laws of the union, 2. To suppress insurrections, 3. To repel invasions.”  The Defend the Guard Act would grant the Governor permission to deny any Federal request for National Guard deployment that does not fall into the criteria as outlined in the Constitution.  


Without declaration of war, our National Guard should be at home with all resources ready to protect and support the people of New Jersey.  America has been involved in foreign conflicts described as “war” for the past 70 years, yet no declaration of war has come by Congress since WWII.


Nick is anti-war and anti-foreign involvement.  Together we must pass a Defend the Guard Act to help stop perpetual war.


It's no secret that the state of New Jersey is overtaxed and over-regulated.  Decades of abusive tax increases have led to some of the highest state exit rates in the country.  The great citizens that have made NJ their home for years are now moving out because it's no longer affordable to live and retire here.


​By creating and endorsing bills to roll back over-regulation, absolving unneeded groups and committees, we can start to lift the weight off of taxpayer shoulders and begin to foster an environment where New Jerseyians want to stay, not leave.  We need to lower taxes, not make them higher by borrowing billions off of an already monstrous deficit.


Nick believes that no one should have rights over your body but yourself. In recent times, all levels of government have tried their hardest to take control of the everyday citizen "for the greater good".  Nick knows "the greater good" is being manipulated by government to strengthen itself and expand its own powers.​

Body autonomy means having control over your choice to be vaccinated and your choice of wearing a mask.  It also means your choice to leave your house and be in public if you believe it's in your best interest. Everyone is essential to Nick and citizens should be able to run their businesses and live their lives as they see fit. These are your choices and it is none of the government’s business. "For the greater good"  cannot be dictated by the ruling class and the people must be trusted with freedom.

"Where liberty dwells, there is my country."

-Benjamin Franklin